//When the Lord Speaks Through Dreams

When the Lord Speaks Through Dreams

Have you ever had a recurring dream? One that seemingly haunts you at times and you just can’t get it out of your mind? I would so love to share one I have now and one I had in the past – like about 25 years ago and a dream I now have in the present.

Over 25 years ago I was haunted by a dream that I kept having. It was not really a bad dream, but it was a dream that I just couldn’t get out of my mind. I was pregnant at the time and for a while I just attributed it to the Mexican food I had the night before.

In this dream, I would see a baby with what I thought had Down Syndrome. It was always the same dream. Just the face of a baby with all of the characteristics of a baby with Down Syndrome. When I would awake in the morning, the dream and a vivid picture of that baby was in my mind each time I recalled the dream.

Then as the morning would wear on, I would go about my daily routine and forget about it until something during the day would trigger the dream in my mind. I remember standing in line at a store and right in front of me was this adorable little girl with Down Syndrome.

Instead of making conversation with her or her mother I began to be afraid. Many times I would ask myself the question, could I handle a child with “special needs.” The truth is: All of our children have “special needs.” But this seemed like something I could not handle as all of my other children had been “over-achievers” and were always at the top of their peers academically. What a great way for a mother to get a “big head.” But, God had other plans for me. He was going to introduce me to an all new world. One that I really was not ready for, but he had other plans.

About my sixth month of pregnancy I told my husband my dream and he listened, but gave me the encouraging words, “This is only a dream. You’re probably thinking this because you’ve had several miscarriages.” But, I knew this one was different, so I carried the dream with me all during the rest of my pregnancy.

At one point toward the end of the pregnancy, I told my birthing coach about it and she intuitively said, “I always listen to my birth mothers as I know the Lord sometimes gives them an intuition that he doesn’t give anyone else.” Little did I know, she was wise in her counsel.

I remember telling my doctor when I finally got up the nerve, that I felt something was different or wrong with this pregnancy. He listened and just smiled. So I carried the dream with me until the day of delivery.

I remember the delivery was not long. The baby came very quickly. And then after he took his first breath, they laid him on my belly. I looked at him and very vividly remember smiling and saying, “You are my baby with Down Syndrome.” I remember smiling with such a peace in my heart, for the Lord had prepared me.

The next few minutes were very interesting to me. Everyone left the room with the doctor. Then the anesthesiologist came and took my baby over to an area where he could make him breathe better. And there I was, laying there with only one nurse cleaning up the mess and acting very busy so that I would not ask any questions of her. I still had the peace I had at first while knowing what the doctor was about to tell me.

In walked the doctor and husband after a few minutes and I saw that my husband was crying. And all I could do was smile, because I knew what the doctor was about to tell me. I remember smiling with a peace I never knew I had. He said, “Debbie your child has Down Syndrome.” I looked at him and said, “I know.” I recall smiling back at him and him asking me, “Debbie, do you know what that means? Do you understand what I just said to you.”

“Yes.” I answered.

“Debbie, is this what you’ve been trying to tell me?”

“Yes,” I answered with a peace that I cannot explain other than the work of Almighty God. And at that moment, God opened up a whole new world to me. Just as I believe he is opening a new world to me right now.

I wanted to share this with you, because the Lord is showing me new ways to expand business that I would not have ever chosen. And not that I am having a reoccurring dream, but it seems this is a path that he has chosen and in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing parts of the dream with you. I’m excited, because both April, of The Added Touch and I think this will help all of you as well as ourselves.

So we will try to contain ourselves with the enthusiasm that we feel in this endeavor. Looking forward to your input as well as we take off.




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