//New Arrivals to Get You Through the “Dog Day’s” of Summer!

New Arrivals to Get You Through the “Dog Day’s” of Summer!

June Open House

Thursday June 14       10-6

Friday   June 15       10-5

  Saturday  June 16       10-3

We are really excited about our Patriotic Event which starts Thursday, the 14th at 10 am. So excited, in fact, that I agreed to do a mini photo shoot in order to show you a few of the new clothing pieces I have brought in. This isn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but apparently, you all prefer to see a “live” model. So, I’ll accommodate you this time, but don’t get used to it 😉

It ended up being a fun time, since the dog and my daughter kept me in stitches. Use your imagination and guess what the dog did (in the grass), right near my feet, which is why it looks like I’m running out of the picture. We did get a nice close up of the sleeve before this happened, though.​

And, then, there was the picture that I wanted to take near my garden arch. I thought things were going well until my daughter mentioned that the arch looked like a “pole” and my hanging onto it wasn’t the image I wanted to portray…
So, that one got retaken! I do love the contrasting fabric on the sleeves and back, though.
Then while photographing this adorable black & white, striped & checked blouse, the dog decided to join me again. (My family calls her “Mom’s Shadow”) We often say that our dog is “sweet” but not photogenic. I have about 12 poses in this blouse, and the dog looks awful in each one. So, which do I share with you?
This one – where someone yelled, “Squirrel!!” (Notice the ears!)
It’s helpful that all these blouses are easy-care and breath well because it was a pretty exhausting afternoon. Hopefully, you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy these great tops also. Until then, take a minute to relax during these “dog-days” of summer. We hope to see you soon!​
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