//Ever Wondered How We Set Up Our Booth?

Ever Wondered How We Set Up Our Booth?

Hello, All!

I thought you might find it interesting to see what set up for a show is like. Of course, this is not the whole process as there are so many other things that go into this whole thing. But I can give all the credit to my wonderful husband who always has everything ready, (usually), for set up. I just create. And I am sure that he is thinking, “Creating more work for me is what she’s really good at.” I know you all would never believe that. At any rate, no, you cannot have him. He’s incredible. Just ask his family.

We always arrive at a show early. Never late! Then we haul in, seemingly tons of stuff, for set up. And yes, I do help with that – (when I’m not busy talking to the other vendors.) My husband understands. Yet, he does expect some work out of me. So I try to be good.

I start staging the booth as soon as we have the backdrop and tables set up. That means hauling in tons of products, boxes, and items that can only be carted in one at a time.


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He has built and perfected all of the set up. I’m always giving him ideas on how to make set up easier and faster. Sometimes he uses my ideas, and sometimes he let’s them go into the trash bin. By nature, I’m a little lazy, so I can go to great lengths to “do it an easier way.”

And believe me-I have a preponderance of ideas. My daughter, April, of “The Added Touch” (the one with the adorable clothing line, window treatments and upholstery part of the business) says to me, “Why is it whenever you have these great ideas, it causes us more work?”

Whatever, enjoy the videos as I think they are self-explanatory. Maybe it will convince you that you need to be in this business. Maybe, the opposite. Whichever, please know we are grateful for your support and want to encourage you to be creative in every facet of your life.


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Debbie Futhey is, along with her husband Joe, the owner of Memories of Home.