Shh – it’s time for our “Secret Sale”!

Well, it’s almost here. Our semi-annual Secret Sale, June 16, 10 to 3. If you remember it is one of the perks we give to you for being on our email list. So tell your friends so that they can sign up on-line to receive the updates.

What’s the secret sale?  We’re going to give you 25% off of the whole store. Not just one item, but the WHOLE store. This is our reward to you for letting me send you all of my blog posts for the business. I am amazed that you guys really do read these.

Just a peek at some of the items we have for you:

Of course, we have a limited number of each, but since the event is for only one day your chances of getting one of these great items is very good! We have so much more even including all my floral designs. Hope you can make it!

Mark your calendars for our secret sale – remember, 25% off the whole store!  June 16, 10 to 3.

- Debbie