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The Dog Days of Summer Mean a Sale at RElove!


Well, the dog days of summer have arrived, for sure :( . Every time I walk out into the heat, I start to sweat or I should say perspire. My mother always told me that was a more sophisticated way to say “sweat”. So as I perspire (sweat profusely) I am only thinking of this fall where I feel the crispness of the air and the smell of fresh baked apples. (No, I really don’t bake a lot of apples, but it does give you a vision of what I am looking forward to.)



So, I have decided to clean my booth at RELove and run a terrific sale on many of items in the booth.  Hopefully you can swing by 515 N Woodlawn, Wichita, Kansas.  Many items are 50% off and others are reduced dramatically.  Hopefully, you sweet women, will be able to find some real bargains in my booth.



Looking forward to cooler days and my Autumn Barn Event, September 8-12. And we will make it through this heat!




The Fab Three!


Hello, Ladies!

We had a great Warehouse sale last week and it was great to see so many of you! I did fail to mention to some of the new folks where the warehouse was. So if you were one of the newbies out here, I hope you saw the building where people were hauling loads of treasures for their homes and friends.

Now speaking of treasures, these three women, are just that. They just thought it would be fun on their special occasions to all dress alike. Now that’s real friendship. I once heard a story about a President’s wife who went to a ball and was shocked when she saw someone else wearing the same ball gown as she was wearing. She graciously went back to her living quarters and put on another gown.







Not these women!!! Definitely sure to get noticed and I am sure complemented. They were so much fun!!!!! With people like this, it makes our shop such a fun and happy place to hang out.

Don’t forget to visit my little space in RELove all things shabby, at 515 N. Woodlawn, in Wichita, Kansas. I have lots of products in my little boutique area.

Love to you all!


It’s One of the Best Days of the Year!


That’s right! Our Warehouse sale starts today! April and I will be ready for you all at 9 am – 6 pm today! Tomorrow we will be open from 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday 9 am – 3 pm!MOH

- Debbie



It’s Almost Sale Time!


Annual Warehouse Sale

Thursday, July 16th, 9-6 pm
Friday, July 17th, 9-5 pm
Saturday, July 18th, 9-3pm

It’s your favorite time of year–our annual warehouse sale. We are busy cleaning out the cupboards and closets in the store. We are finding lots of one-of-a kinds and forgotten treasures that we are going to offer you for 50% off in the warehouse sale. I think this should be called “the never-know-what-you’re-gonna-find” sale. (Because we don’t even know all of what we have to offer.)

Not only will there be 50% off in the warehouse, but specials offers in store, as well.

I’m also really excited to offer you a sneak peak of some of the new clothing I have recently brought back from market. You will be the first to see the new trends and classic designs for the transition into autumn.

So, gather your BFF’s and come enjoy the hunt for the best sales of the season!




We are opening an hour earlier, at 9:00, to give you an opportunity to shop before the heat sets in. (and if you bring me a Frappucino® around 3pm, you’ll be my BFF!!)