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Report Back from Market!


Wow! January  flew by, and so did our time at Market! We had so much fun (if you saw the photos on Facebook you know we had a blast!) and bought sooo much fun stuff.

There is a lot of work and stress involved in purchasing (and a lot of aching feet), but amidst all that stress there are always some fun moments. I think the Market knows how hard we work and they try to provide a few moments for us to enjoy. “Christmas Tree Man” not only provided a smile, but also invited us to a cocktail reception. (Of course, he was inviting everyone, and so, as Murphy’s Law goes, the food ran out just as we stepped up to be served.) We did, however, enjoy the time to sit and laugh with other buyers.

And then sometimes when you are buying, you’re so busy that you skip lunch and breakfast, and your brain starts “malfunctioning.” Products start all looking the same and you forget where and what you saw that appeals to you. You and your sales person go on a roll and just start pointing and scanning your order. That’s when you end up with things like this on your order. Oops!! Not exactly what I meant to purchase. (Not exactly the classy look we like in our store!)


We are always grateful to those who protect and serve us. These officers work so hard to control Dallas traffic and us aggressive buyers. This guy went over and above by also providing us some comic relief. (Notice the Pillsbury Dough Boy hands)


Be assured, we did find some classy products, and will be sharing them with you in the coming weeks. For now, mark your calendars for our Spring Event, March 22-26.




To Market, To Market We Go!


Well, girls, it’s that time again that The Added Touch and I (Memories of Home) will be leaving for market. And as usual, I am very excited. We are planning on adding a new aspect to the business–more antiques and vintage pieces. And yes, of course, you can bet we will not limit ourselves to those 2 categories only.

The Added Touch and Memories of Home have been working on some new painted pieces for the shop and I can’t wait to see what these pieces look like when completely finished. (This is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be.) Just finding the perfect pieces to redo is a chore in and of itself.



I promise, I’ll send you some pictures from market so you can be there with us. Got to go for now as I need to make our booths up at RELove look full before we leave. Remember our booth at RELove. This is a great place for you to bring soon to be brides to snatch up some great pieces for their new home and at great prices.

I am looking forward to sharing our “Market Adventures” with you next week. Although market is draining and we are exhausted, there are some fun moments!


And, incidentally –  I have already received my first spring shipment of the new year. Let me tell you something, you are not going to be disappointed! I am excited for you to see the new items!  

Have a great week!




20151226_175805 (1)

A Dry Socket and The Story of Our Christmas!


Well, girlfriends, have you been asked the question a thousand times this week, “Did you have a good Christmas and holidays?”  It got me thinking about what the definition of a “Good Christmas and holidays” truly is.

I am not known to be truly eloquent with my words. However, I do tell the truth. As my children would say, I give out too much information most of the time. I am working on that, but sometimes I feel if I don’t share all the details (even the not so good ones) I am not being truthful. But, this year, I have to confess, my home was not the picture of “Christmasy stuff” that I like to have each year. I kept it to a minimum, because of time and that “dry socket” I had after the dental work I right after I finished decorating the houses I had already booked to decorate.

The pain I had while my family was here was at times, horrible. And so what posseses me to tell everyone that asks me how my Christmas was that “my Christmas was like a storybook Christmas.” And that was the truth.

As I looked back on the festivities I remember all the festive lights I enjoyed all the decorations that others had put up in the churches and I was so grateful for their labor of love. As I remembered how my sister had opened her home on Thanksgiving for all of the family, I so enjoyed being with them all. I so appreciate the time spent getting their homes ready as well as the clean up afterwards. And as I remembered the many different dinners I attended and held, I was grateful for each person there and the hands that had worked so hard to prepare the meals. (Even if I was the hosting the dinner, my family was always there with their generous dishes that they brought to each of the meals.)


I so enjoy the memory of the Christmas Eve service as some of my adorable granddaughters sat in front of me. And some on my side. There they were in their beautiful dresses singing the old Christmas carols and waiting for us to light the candles we were holding in our hands as we sat waiting for that moment in the service. The pain I was experiencing from the tooth was draining me and “they say” I drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, I was awakened by the snickering in front of me and to the sides of me. All of the granddaughters in front of me were turned around looking at me while the ones to my sides were laughing at me. “Grandma, one of the ones said, “You were snoring!!!” But of course, I KNOW I don’t snore.




And I love the memory of my extended family coming to my shop and having our final Christmas gathering of the season there. It was so much fun and by then, the pain was about to subside. Not everyone could be there, but oh how we enjoyed the ones that were. Yes, it was quite a job clearing the shop for that dinner, but it was so worth it.

20151226_175805 (1)


And there you have my perfect Christmas. Well, by many standards some would not say it was perfect. But, it was perfect for me. I was with the people that I loved, and they didn’t care if everything was perfect. We just wanted to be with each other. I’m so grateful for a God who can make imperfect circumstances perfect for my life. Maybe I am living in a “dream world” but it’s great being here and with imperfect people that love me even in my imperfections.

Well, now, let’s get ready for spring!!!! We’ve got lots of great stuff at our little space in ReLove-All Things Shabby. Maybe you an stop by there and see the specials. The Addded Touch, April, has a table of items 60% off. My space has items reduced also……Movin’ it out to get ready for spring.

Next week I’ll tell you of some of the changes we are bringing to the shop. I hope you’ll like them.

Love to all




Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry Christmas to everyone! Just wanted to express our deep appreciation to everyone for the 2015 year. Thank you so much for your business and all the fun we’ve had with you all.


My goal was to have a post ready for all of you right before Christmas. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering with a “dry socket” after some dental work I had last Tuesday. Here it is a week later, and I am still not at 100%. Yesterday, was when I was finally diagnosed with the “dry socket”. Plus, I have a wonderful house full of Christmas guests. It’s great, I just wished I could be a better hostess.


Now, I will quit my whining and express to you our deepest appreciation for all your business. May you all be blessed by keeping Christ at the center of Christmas and knowing that without Christ–it is not Christmas.

We love you all!

Debbie and April